Looking for Print Books or Your Favorite Retailer?

If you’re looking for print versions of my books, you’ll soon be able to order those directly from me as well (by 2025). Be sure to sign up for my newsletter to get a notification for that as well as discounts, ministories, photos of cats, and other fun stuff!

For now, the Print & other purchase options buttons on my book pages will take you off this site and over to a site called Books2Read. There, I've set up links that let you choose printed books from from several major retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BooksAMillion, and Powell’s for most of my titles.

You can even shop through Bookshop.org, where you can order my titles from participating local independent bookstores. If you don’t choose a specific bookstore to support, your purchase will help support a profit pool that benefits all participating bookstores.

To shop for print books, or ebooks from your favorite online shops, just find the book you want to read and click the button for Print & Other Purchase Options to go to Books2Read.

Adding those links takes time, and I'm filling in the gaps as fast as I can. If the book you want doesn't have the link you want yet, here or on Books2Read, let me know so I can move it to the front of the line.

Want to read our books from your local library? I'm happy to help!