What order should I read the Cooperative Realm books in?

What order should I read the Cooperative Realm books in?

TL;DR Every book stands alone. Some books share characters

My Cooperative Realm series is less about specific characters and more about a place—a big place, the whole Cooperative Realm. That’s why you can read them in any order.

But… there are a few sets within the sets that actually do have a chronological order. So if you’re big on beginning to end, here’s a list:

Books featuring Katla and the Planet Arkhide

Secrets of the SynthsIn a world where synthetic humans are a part of everyday life, 8-year-old Katla embarks on a daring adventure to uncover the secrets of her island's synth clubhouse. This short novella is the most middle-grade/YA story I’ve written

Worlds ApartOn a planet where the majority are seamlessly connected through advanced implants, 16-year-old Katla finds she may be forever out of the loop. I’d call this novella YA/adult.

Hidden PlanetTo save her people, 24-year-old Katla Sofiasdotter must renegotiate the terms of the unfair treaty the Cooperative Realm has offered. Problem is, Katla's no diplomat. This novel, written for adults, stands alone.


Books featuring Frankie Styles (pronounced Stee-leys)

Cargo TroubleFrankie Styles took on a small-time cargo route at the edge of Cooperative space to get away from the constant pressure of her life in Central sector. She's about to find out that edge space is just as turbulent as the life she left behind. And a lot weirder. This novella is the origin story for the Frankie series

Frankie Takes a HolidayFrankie thinks a relaxing week on the beach while her spaceship is overhauled is just the ticket. Joke’s on her. This novel takes place directly after the events in Cargo Trouble.

Frankie Takes a DiveWhen guests start dying in mysterious watery accidents at the glittering Valdes Underwater Resort, it's up to the indomitable Frankie and her tech-savvy partner to unravel the sinister plot. This novel takes place sometime after Cargo Trouble/Frankie Takes a Holiday, but it’s a great place to start.


Books featuring Mondrian Delacroix

The ListenersAfter her solo spacecraft cracks in half mid-flight—and the front half vanishes—Mondrian Delacroix finds herself with a new mission. Find out why. This novel has new main characters, but earlier side characters make an appearance toward the end.

The Elders (coming in September!)


Are there any characters or stories you're dying to see in the Co-op world? Tell me down below, and I'll add them to the list!

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