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New Release: The Listeners

I'm delighted to introduce Mondrian, Rod, Heather, and the whole crew to you in my new standalone novel, The Listeners. Here's the story:

Fractured. Adrift. But never without an extra pair of fuzzy socks.

Mondrian Delacroix never bargained for a one-way ticket to the edge of known space. After her solo courier ship cracks in half mid-flight—and the front half vanishes—she's left adrift among the unforgiving stars. Now she must solve the mystery of how she survived, why her ship broke up in the first place—and why an old flame has suddenly shown up again.

Mondrian herself is a puzzle with hidden pieces – a knack for repairs, a mind brimming with secrets, and a heart that beats with a stubborn optimism as vast as the galaxy itself. But to unravel the cosmic enigma that nearly erased her from existence, she’ll need more than just a reputation for chaos and a knack for repairs to survive.

She'll need to face her own vulnerabilities, confront the echoes of the past, and learn the delicate art of trusting those who extend a helping hand—be they new friends or the one person she swore to forget.

In the vast expanse of space, a spark of connection can illuminate the greatest mysteries.

Yes, it’’s another rollicking space opera set in the world of the Cooperative Realm. You might recognize a couple characters from earlier books, but they play very minor roles here. It's a big star system!

You can buy the ebook right here, direct from me! 
Or buy the paperback from Amazon:

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